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Join the Advantage Capital Talent Community Here

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Founded in 1992 by Steven T. Stull, Advantage Capital is one of the largest double-bottom line investment firms in the country.  As an impact investor, Advantage’s mission is to bring businesses, technologies, jobs and housing to communities that have historically lacked access to investment capital, while also generating competitive returns for our investors proving that conscious capitalism is possible. Since 1992, Advantage Capital has invested more than $3.1 billion in over 775 companies, spanning a diverse array of industry sectors. We’ve built a sterling track record of public-private partnerships with state and federal governments and private institutional investors, directly creating tens of thousands of jobs in underserved communities and industries. 
We love what we do. We fundamentally believe that capital can change lives and we go to great lengths to give our firm the opportunity to reach the hardest hit communities in the U.S. with much needed investment. For anyone considering joining our high - performing firm, know that we value: a growth mindset (never fixed), a fast but enduring work pace (rarely slow), the ability to work autonomously (no micromanaging), getting things done (talk is cheap), an all-hands-on-deck culture (a true team), a love of hard-to-solve problems (that others won’t attempt), and the character to do the right thing (always). 
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